100 countries under 30 – Ivars Krutainis

Hailing from Latvia, and based for a period of time in Sydney, Australia, Ivars Krutainis is super cool. A few years ago, after being  inspired by Chris Guillebeau, who successfully sought to visit every country in the world before he turned 33,  Ivars set himself the challenge to travel to 100 countries before he turned 30. That was in 2012, and one month before his birthday he achieved his 100% self-funded goal, with more than 25,000 photos as souvenirs.

The book 100 Countries under 30, published by Blurb, is about how he did it and what he learned along the way – half coffee-table style photo essay and half Q&A about the topics he is most frequently asked about.

Book Preview here: http://au.blurb.com/b/3371100-100-countries-under-30

More of his current adventures here: http://krutainis.com/



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