Ugly Fruits – A Beautiful Idea

Problem: Every year about 300 million tonnes of food goes to waste due to cosmetic reasons. If a fruit or vegetable doesn’t look perfect it gets tossed all the way from the farm to the household.

Solution: Purchase discarded fruit and vegetables, repackage as something worthy under the brilliant ‘Inglorius Fruits and Vegetables‘ campaign, put them in their own special aisle in the supermarket and sell for 30% reduced cost.


* Fight against the world wide food wastage that happens as a result of fruit and vegetables being rejected for cosmetic reasons

* Get the consumer to re-think consumption choices about what makes a product acceptable

The message:

Why throw away perfectly good produce just because it doesn’t meet arbitrary cosmetic criteria — especially when so many families can’t afford to eat the five daily portions of fruits and vegetables recommended by nutritionists?

Thoughts: Great work Intermarche – high fives all round.




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