Nam Huynh, Dejour Jeans

Who: Nam Hyunh (and his wife Madelaine, who helps him run the shop)

What: DeJour Jeans – custom made jeans that come in a selection of styles and ever revolving variety of colours that are individually-fitted on the spot, and for a fraction of department-store prices. Every pair of jeans comes with a guarantee: alterations and repairs can be made at no extra cost, even years later.

Where: Sydney Road in Brunswick, Melbourne

Why: Mr Huynh has been making jeans for more than 20 years – doing the same thing day in and day out – working hard, sewing well, and delivering exceptional service to each and every customer that walks through his shop door.

No advertising, no inflation of costs as demand has grown, and no outsourcing or selling through other avenues.

Each pair of jeans is tailored to a perfect fit. ”We make sure customers feel not only comfortable but they’re wearing something that suits their body and individual shape,” says employee Tay Guy. ”We’re not into pushing a sale.”

Formula(s) for Success:
• Do one thing, and do it well
• Highest quality, lowest price

Dejour Jeans
542 Sydney Road
(03) 9380 4884

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