Roadtrip Nation (Mike Marriner, Brian McAllister & Nate Gebard)

Roadtrip Nation is a Movement of people who are defining their own Roads in life by resisting The Noise of conformity and gaining the confidence to do what inspires them. Started by a group of friends in 2001 who were fresh out of college and had no idea what to do with their lives – and so went on a road-trip nation around the country to ask people who do what they love how they go to be where they were at that time – the The team at Roadtrip Nation today seeks to create resources to help others figure out what they want to do with their lives. What started as a road trip sparked a documentary TV series, a number of books, online tools, and an educational curriculum—all dedicated to helping individuals define their own roads in life.

Roadtrip Nation empowers you to define your own road in life instead of traveling down someone else’s.

We encourage you to engage in self-construction, rather than mass production. We encourage you to be proactive and actively participate in defining your future by hitting the road and learning from Leaders who have resisted The Noise of conformity and stayed true to themselves.

Our philosophy is that when we listen to ourselves and are honest about whom we are, and what we love, we are able to seek our own path and contribute to the world with our unique talents.

We believe that by helping others discover their own paths, there will be a significant positive change in the world—the world needs people in tune with who they are and what they care about.

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