Karen X. Cheng, the ‘Girl who learned to dance in a year’

Previously working as a Program Manager at Microsoft and now a designer at Exec, Karen X. Cheng made waves recently on account of her viral YouTube video that shows how she taught herself to dance in a year.

But it’s not just her dancing that makes Cheng so cool. Cheng’s ethos, as described on karenx.com, is all about making the effort to forge the path you need and want to in life, and backing yourself along the way.

Core Beliefs:

– If you have a dream but don’t know how to get there, start anyway.
– You can become a designer without going to design school.
– Your job should be fun. If it’s not fun, it’s okay to quit. You deserve better.
Changing careers is scary, but it’s worth it if you are unhappy.
– Your obsession with success might be keeping you from being happy. It doesn’t have to.
– You should let yourself feel emotions, good or bad. Write them down.
– You shouldn’t feel ashamed about seeing a therapist.
– When you have the choice between the scary thing or the safe thing, always choose the scary thing.




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