Gary Seaman, Artist (Aerosol and Paint)

Gary Seaman is an artist from Adelaide who works mainly with aerosol and paint on self-constructed wood canvas, but also dabbles in street art, sculpture, screen printing and mixed media. Seaman is also a full-time graphic designer. Seaman believes it is important to surround yourself with things that inspire you, as much if not all of the time. Though his work as a designer bears influence on his creative process as an artist, ultimately, it’s Seaman’s work as an artist that he feels is most driving him forward.

There are two types of art: Art that is for me, made by me – pure and simple, private, pleasure. And Art that is for fun – made with collaborators, exhibitions, etc. My pictures are only for myself, while everything else is more about the experience – creating an experience for others to share in.

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